[NTNU MATH-CAG-MSRC Jointed Seminar on Geometric Analysis] 【11月1日】黄垣熊/Rigidity result of graphical mean curvature flow translating solution

Rigidity result of graphical mean curvature flow translating solution

時 間:2023-11-01 14:00 (星期三) / 地 點:Online

Zoom: 811 5638 1768 (Password : msrc)

黄垣熊 博士
(Pusan National University)

Translating solution of mean curvature flow (MCF) is a self-similar solution that moves by translation under MCF. In the first part, I will survey results regarding translating surface which is graphical and translates in the graphical axis direction (or vertically). In the non-graphical setting, we can WLOG assume the translation direction to be vertical. However, for graphical setting, vertical translating direction is equivalent to mean convexity condition whereas for non-vertical translating direction, we might lose mean convexity. In the second part, I will talk about my recent work on the rigidity results of graphical translator moving in non-vertical direction. This is a joint work with Pyo and Ma.



Chang, Shu-Cheng
Kuo, Ting-Jung
Lin, Chun-Chi


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